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I pulled out the tripod last night to get the steadiest pictures I could manage (I still need to get the remote so I don’t jiggle anything at all), going from closeups with roses using a combination of my +4 and +10 diopter magnifiers with my 18-105mm lens to a session with the cats and just the 18-105mm lens.  The light wasn’ t spectacular, but it was still enough to get some fantastic pictures once I sped up the shutter speed a hair (cats move unpredictably and a “normal” shutter speed can mean an unidentifiable blur when your camera finally finishes up the photograph in question).

Jeffrey, here, was quite patient with me, though you can see that his patience was sorely tested.  His expression is haunting.

It’s interesting how in some pictures, his eyes are yellow, but in this picture in particular, they are a soft green that is reminiscent of watercolor.

I had to bribe him with catnip, which he gobbles down, and then wait for him to relax once the effects of the catnip hit him.  Perhaps not the nicest thing to do, but he’s been pissy lately. 

I think it has something to do with the antics of our household kitten, who is a wild thing who gets a lot of attention, as she is a demanding little thing.  Jeffrey’ll get over it, but it’s going to take a little bit of time.  I just need to spend more individualized time with him.