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She just got a new place to hang out in the house, and she just had to roll around, be downright cute, and, of course, comment on my apparent need to take multiple pictures of her.

I’m just glad she’s so tolerant of me.

Those eyes are awfully yellow, aren’t they?

This little girl really seems to enjoy having her picture taken, and will pose for very nearly as long as I’m willing to continue snapping pictures. 

I’m sure there are parents of human children out there who wish their own children would stand still long enough to have their pictures taken repeatedly.

If you’re curious, she’s lying atop a desk upon which I’ve laid a piece of carpet.  It makes a soft bed for her while protecting the desktop from careless claws.

This child is fascinated with plastic, but it could have been anything that caught her attention and had her check out the top of the thing.

She has a very healthy curiosity, and we’re fortunate she doesn’t make a habit of knocking things over.

Herself is such a pretty little girl.  Unlike her siblings, who are sizeable, she’s quite dainty and soft of foot, taking more after her mother than they.