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I had some fun at Hollywood Forever cemetery with a cluster of flower pots that were gathered outside the Cathedral Mausoleum.  I’d gotten a new Nikkor 50mm 1.8D AF prime lens, and wanted to play with the excellent bokeh this lens offers a photographer.  I’ve been using a Nikkor 18-105mm VR AF lens for my almost-macro photography, and had been wanting something more appropriate for those kinds of shots.  I’m certainly not disappointed.

I captured the shot of this second rose in the same cluster of flowers.  As you can see, these were live pots of flowers, rather than the cut variety.  There’s always a very definite different between live and cut specimens.  I’m glad that I was able to permanently capture the beauty of these miniature Suns.

To finish off this set, this last photo is from a bush on the grounds of the cemetery.  The flowers are white, but it’s worth noting that the buds are kissed with a pale pink blush before they open into lovely white blooms.  I took several shots of various roses in this particular bush, but this was the only result I really liked.

I keep telling people that you can take over a thousand shots and will often be lucky to get even a few that are worth being proud enough to share with others.  I’ve taken to sitting some of them down to show them the truth of that statement.