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I love the way this photo to the left looks.

Despite the rather dire depiction of dog and man here, appearances can be deceiving.  The dog isn’t going to go for anyone’s throat.  Only moments after this shot was taken, Maxx promptly jumped onto the bed and began wildly licking and kissing anyone who couldn’t squirm away fast enough.

I’ll post more photos periodically, as the day I shot these photos, I took over 600 just of Maxx, here.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I decided to add the second photo to this post to show Maxx’s energy and enthusiasm.  In this photo to the right, his human lady was encouraging him to bounce up and down like a Tigger.

He’s a ball of energy, and if you could bottle that energy, you could very likely power that truck in the background of the photo.