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Went up to the roof to shoot photos while Lakers fans wildly cheered on their team in a nearby bar.  They were so loud, it was like being courtside.

Anyhow, the sun played across the surface of several buildings, but as so many downtown Los Angeles buildings have almost sheer-glass surfaces, you tend to get more glare than glow.  This building was the exception to that rule.

I really enjoy the contrast between the lifeless grey buildings and the healthy glow of the downtown Biltmore Hotel.  It stands out like a single dandelion in a vast burnt out field.

I used my 18-105mm AF VR Nikkor lens for this shot.

Exposure Time: 0.004s (1/250)
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 320
Focal Length: 105mm (157mm in 35mm)

(and as all the world knows by now…the Lakers won 83-79)