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I was the passenger in the car today while my daughter drove us to an appointment.  I, of course, took advantage of the situation and took my camera with me.

As we were turning from Grand Avenue onto 8th Street, I saw this beautiful jacaranda on the corner and just had to take a picture.  I took a second picture to get the fence in the frame, too, as we zipped madly by.

A little while later, as I was waiting for my appointment, I pulled out the camera and looked over the dozen or so pictures I had taken.  It was only then that I saw the advertisement hidden behind the fence.

Why were they concealed behind the fence?

Were they being protected from taggers?  Unlikely when most taggers seem to be preternaturally athletic.

Had they been bad people and now their images were being imprisoned under the beautiful canopy of the blooming lavender jacaranda?

The world may never know. 

But I still think it’s a fun picture!