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Cats have a need to stretch out just about anywhere, and if they can find a convenient piece of cozy sofa cushion, all the better!

We just bought a new Karlstad Corner Sofa from IKEA (land of fairly easy to put together apartment furniture), and were up late into the night putting it together.

I haven’t had any disappointments yet from IKEA, and this couch was no exception.

In the picture to the left, the orange hue to the room rather reminded me of those controversial Marilyn Monroe pictures taken by Bert Stern for Vogue magazine, from her last sitting in 1962, shortly before she passed. 

As you can see, herself, owner of my opposable thumbs, has already claimed it.

Later, after thoughtfully cleaning the head of our grey tabby cat (you can see part of his back at the bottom of this photo), she moved to where an accommodating sunbeam had made an appearance.  It looks like she’s got her legs spread out in order to catch as much warmth on her toes and legs as possible. 

Yes, she’s as pure white as she looks.  Not a single dark hair on her.  Just ask my dark-colored shirts.

And if you’re wondering — the couch is amazingly comfortable!