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As I mentioned in my previous post, we have a rooftop garden with roses and a couple other plants in pots for the residents to enjoy.  Sadly, not many of the residents seem to go up there to enjoy the (relatively) fresh air and the sights from the roof of our building.

The majority of plants on our rooftop are simple flowerless green plants, though we do have a rather curious dark Bird of Paradise with what appears to be a black flower sheath and white flower spears, some rather anemic-looking red roses, and three varieties of yellow rose, one example of which is shown to the right.

The floor of the rooftop garden is stark white cement tile, reflecting heat and light back upward, which in turn burns the plants.  You can, sadly, see that on the leaves of this rose.

When I saw this rose, I got the feeling that it was reaching as far away from the hot tiles as it could, trying to feel the cool breeze that often plays across the rooftop. 

This was one of the few times in the many shots I took of this flower that the wind didn’t send it bobbing back and forth.