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All four parrots present seemed to thrive on the attention of the camera, and this bird was no exception.  In looking through my collection of over 200 photos from yesterday’s shoot, it’s a rare shot that doesn’t have at least one other parrot peeking into the shot.

The birds’ owner didn’t have two birds who were alike, and I am going through my collection to see about showing each bird at their best, with a focus upon each one.

The next time I hit the Santa Monica Pier, I need to be sure that I get a picture of the entire bird set up that this man has created.  Though you can’t see it from the pictures I took, he’s got his stand set up on the back of a bicycle, of all things!

Human creativity truly knows no bounds, and the bond between an animal and it’s human is something wonderful to behold, as these birds appear to truly love him for more than his ability to fill their food bowls.