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 I guess some explanation is in order.

We have a weekly Farmers’ Market at Pershing Square here in downtown Los Angeles every Wednesday afternoon from 11am to about 2pm.

It runs the gamut from food to flowers to jewelery and other gewgaws.  I really like it.

When I got my camera, I just had to pay a visit, and when I met the very nice Japanese gentleman with the flowers (especially with the orchids that I love so very much), I had to keep coming back.

As I explained to him, taking a picture of an orchid is a much better thing for me to do, as if I were to try to take one home to keep, it’d very likely die.   With a photograph, however, I can continue to enjoy the beauty of the flower for many years to come.

I’m not sure how much he understands of what I’ve said to him, but he’s very patient with my dawdling in his tent, camera held to my eye as I bend down close to his gloriously perfect flowers, taking multiple bursts of photographs in the dim light of his metal and cloth storefront.

I was checking out my +10 magnification filter when I got this picture.  I turned it upside down and saw it as an eerie Mardi Gras mask.  It was just so operatic looking and so very haunting.

I pulled it up in Adobe Elements 8 and used the Rendering tool to give it the special Light effect in the Omni setting.  It gave a very nice glow to the picture and enhanced the eeriness of the photograph even further.

I’m very much looking forward to printing and framing this very special photograph.