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This picture of Sam and Isis was fun.

Isis’ Mom, JJ, a very sweet lady, showed up to the graduation with a cheap little point and shoot camera.  Before I met her daughter, I’d spent some time talking to her mother about the variations on mortarboards that I saw during the festivities.  They ranged from hardhats with tassels to a stovepipe to one girl I saw with some flowers on hers.

JJ then says “Oh, well, my daughter has a HUGE bouquet on top of hers!  You can’t miss her, she’s six feet tall!”

The conversation continued for a bit longer, and then she went on her way.

Imagine my surprise when I look behind me a little while later and I see what can only be her daughter, back turned to me, so I start shooting pictures!  Isis’ Mom shows up again and we talk some more.  I tell her I’ll shoot pictures for her and off I go.

The guy, Sam, showed up and the two wrapped their arms around each other as soon as they saw the camera.  That picture of the two of them is only one of a burst shot I took.  I have the entire movement caught in a couple dozen shots.  I’m looking at putting them together as what would be an animated video and sending that to JJ as well.  I had an awful lot of fun, and my Chihuahua Beth, who is also my Service Dog, had a heck of an experience, too.   (Sam graduated LAST year and apparently is a bit of a showman.  He was a wrestler and loves Swing dancing.  You can see what both have done to him, physically.)

Yum.  (God, but I’m a dirty old lady!)

I feel I should note that, like always, once the graduation festivities were over, the obligatory Recessional music was played.  We’re all used to that.  Pomp and Circumstance to start and something equally staid and formal to end the thing.

I guess New Mexico Tech is different.

They played the Emperor’s Theme from the Star Wars saga.

Are they trying to tell us something about their graduates?

Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi!  You’re our only hope!