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Bougainvillea have always been one of my very favorite plants. 

While they have regular green leaves, their onion-skin thin, red leafy flowers with dainty white floral centers give the illusion of being leaves, themselves.  It makes them different in the world of green plants with otherwise obvious flowers.

They’re a tropical weather plant, so they don’t do well at all in cold climates.  Use the word “Bougainvillea” to someone in a place with colder winters, such as eastern Oregon, eastern Washington or a real winter wonderland like Minnesota or Wisconsin, and there’s a good chance you’re going to get a blank stare (unless you’re at a nursery finding out that your dream plant just won’t grow in your gardening zone).

They’re a very hardy plant and love Southern California’s hot weather.  Just make sure they have adequate water and some occasional fertilizer, and they’ll grow like triffids to make you happy!